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Create a feel-good atmosphere at home with ifolor wall decorations

Create unique highlights in your home with ifolor wall decorations. Your personal photos will have a chance to shine on a wide variety of materials and surfaces. You can impress guests in your home with small and large formats and always have the most important moments around you. With ifolor, you can design your very own unique wall decoration in just a few steps. Especially for parents or your partner, the wall decorations are also a great gift idea.

Inspiration for your wall decorations

Beautifying your own four walls with just the right decorations while keeping your personal style in mind can be a challenge. The choice of wall decorations in the shop and online is huge, but there is also a good chance that friends will buy the very same decoration for their home. In addition, the prefabricated products – from photo canvasses to the acrylic glass decorations – lack your personal touch and don’t represent character. But design and placement are also crucial for the look of your walls. At ifolor, we help you find inspiration and many tips and tricks to help you get the perfect wall decoration.

All eyes on your wall decoration

From alignment to zooming: In this blog post, you will find tips and tricks for ifolor wall decorations. In numerous articles, we will show you the simple steps you can take to take and edit the best photographs and create your personal and impressive wall decorations.

Hanging your wall decorations correctly

This is how it’s done: Different wall decorations come with different ways to mount them. In this blog post, we show you the best ways to bring your wall decoration onto your wall. Whether you choose HD Metal Print, Gallery Print, Aluminium Dibond, or your photo on acrylic glass, our tips will help you decorate your wall in an instant.

Cropping your photo perfectly for your wall decoration

Often the complete picture is not necessary to convey the character or the message of the image. The right cut can even intensify it and no space is lost to the unnecessary parts of the photo. We will show you how you can achieve this.

Best of: ifolor wall decorations

The choice is great – ifolor has the right wall decoration for every occasion and style. For lovers of traditional designs, there is the photo canvas with a real wooden stretcher frame or the wall display, which impresses with its frameless wooden panel. For a more modern look and feel, you can design your own photo posters that make your pictures the centre of attention. With the HD Metal Print, an Alu-Dibond or your photos on acrylic glass, you set particularly stylish accents in your home.

Another high-quality product for your creative home decoration is the Gallery Print, which combines aluminium and acrylic glass to an astounding surface for your photos to shine on. Convince yourself of the outstanding quality of ifolor wall decorations and turn your photos into wonderful eye-catchers!

Classic, natural and vibrant

Photo Canvas

Not only good for painting: On an ifolor photo canvas, your work of art is your photo instead of a painting. Of course, when it comes to formats, you have lots of options: From 20×30 cm up to 75×100 cm in portrait or landscape format, your photo shines in rich colours on the well-known canvas structure. Be creative and design your walls with matching photo canvases for an artistic effect. You can even go a step further by designing a multi-panel of your photo, thereby splitting the image onto three individual canvases and creating a particularly stylish effect.

Elegant, timeless ad vibrant

Gallery Print

Acrylic glass meets aluminium and the result is a high-quality gallery print from ifolor. Your photo is printed onto the acrylic glass and then bonded with the aluminium plate. This leads to unique image depth and outstanding colour quality that perfectly shows the beauty of your photo. The high-quality surface brings life into the image, whether it’s landscape photography, a portrait, or an adventure shot. You have the choice between formats from 20×30 cm to 75×100 cm or even square formats for setting special accents.

The ifolor wall decorations

Turn your wall into an experience! Large or small, classic or modern, with or without a frame – ifolor wall decorations are sure to have what you need to bring your special moments and experiences back to life in unexpected splendour and colour brilliance within your own four walls. You have the choice between different materials, from wood to acrylic glass and metal, and even formats. In addition, for many products we now also offer you the option of designing your photo or design as a creative three-piece decoration.

New: HD Metal Print

Metal Print
  • High resolution printed metal sheet
  • Pre-assembled wall bracket
  • Totally unique visual effect
from CHF 49.95

Modern, stylish and a real eye-catcher: With the HD Metal Print, your photos will shine in outstanding resolution on your wall. A special feature of this decoration is that your photo appears to float on your wall thanks to the unique pre-mounted bracket. Put your memories in the limelight and give your home a unique and personal touch!
Delivery time: 6 working days

Photo Canvas

  • Genuine wooden stretcher frame including two wall hangers
  • Many new formats
  • Now also available as 40×60 cm multi panels
  • Wall mounts and assembly instructions included
  • Rich colours, no reflection thanks to the special canvas structure
from CHF 39.95

You have created your very own photographic work of art? Turn it into a unique decoration for your home! On a photo canvas, the colours of your photos stand out fantastically and ifolor offers you many different design templates to help you in the creation process. Your canvas on a real wooden stretcher frame is delivered with two wall mounts for easy assembly.
Now also available in 40×60 cm as multi panel version!
Delivery time: 5 working days

Gallery Print

  • Aluminium and acrylic glass combined
  • Many new formats
  • Now also available as 40×60 cm multi panels
  • Wall mounts and assembly instructions included
  • Bright and elegant
from CHF 59.95

Unforgettable moments and breath-taking experiences deserve a special place in your home. Experience the spatial depth, the radiant colours and the memory of very special events on an ifolor Gallery Print! We print your photo on acrylic glass and bond it with an aluminium composite panel. Your picture appears in perfect quality and brilliant colours thanks to the professional finish.
The Gallery Print is now also available as a multi-panel version in 40×60 cm.
Delivery time: 6 working days

Acrylic glass plate

  • Acrylic glass plate
  • Many new formats
  • Now also available as 40×60 cm multi panels
  • Special wall mounts and assembly instructions included
  • Floats on the wall thanks to a special wall bracket, slightly transparent – extremely vivid
from CHF 44.95

Modern and elegant – let your picture shine on acrylic glass on your wall. The special wall mounts, which come with your acrylic glass plate, make it appear as if the picture were floating on the wall. The spatial depth the acrylic glass plate exudes is guaranteed to amaze your visitors. With ifolor, you can design your photo on acrylic glass in just a few simple steps!

Now you can also design a 40×60 cm multi-panel out of acrylic glass.

Delivery time: 6 working days

Aluminium Dibond

  • Aluminium composite sheet
  • Many new formats
  • Now also available as 40×60 cm high multi panels
  • Wall mounts and assembly instructions included
  • No reflection – matt and elegant
from CHF 39.95

The aluminium composite sheet lets you impress friends and family with you photo decorating on your wall. Your photo looks matt and elegant on an Aluminium Dibond. It is very light but still stable, so that it can be attached to the wall easily. The material makes your picture look elegant, without a frame or other extra frills. Design your wall decoration as an Aluminium Dibond online with ifolor now!

Be even more creative: In 40×60 cm format, the Aluminium Dibond is now also available as a multi-panel version

Photo Poster

  • Many new formats
  • Now also available as 40×60 cm multi panels
  • 8-colour inkjet printing
  • High-gloss paper
  • Unique effect – top value for money
from CHF 7.95

A poster is great for a wide variety of occasions and intentions – but it is your picture that turns a poster into a real decoration. With ifolor, you can design your very own photo poster in just a few simple steps. There are no limits to what you can create: you can choose between portrait and landscape format as well as different sizes for your poster. Thanks to the latest 8-colour inkjet technology, your image will shine in full colour brilliance. Be inspired and design your creative photo poster today!

Delivery time: 4 working days

Wall Display

  • Frameless wooden board
  • Available in various sizes
  • Mounting grooves on the back
  • Scratch-resistant and UV-proof plastic seal
from CHF 49.95

No frame, but an impressive effect on your wall: The wall display creates a plastic effect thanks to a special plastic coating. This brings a refreshing touch to the room and fills it with the life of your memories. Design your own unique wall display with ifolor online today!

Delivery time: 6 working days

New: Floater Frames

  • The perfect upgrade for your photo canvas
  • Real wood frame with shadow gap – unique effect
  • Available in black and white
from CHF 24.95

The ultimate upgrade for your photo canvas: Create unique effects on your wall with a traditional shadow gap frame. This frame creates a small gap between itself and the photo canvas, the shadow gap, which creates a magnification effect for your photo and lets it appear more vivid. Choose between black and white for all available canvas sizes and bring some magic into your home with your photos!

Delivery time: 5 working days

For your own four walls


You want to create something very special that will be adored by friends and family? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or spend days pondering how to create unique decorations for your home. In our ifolor blog, we will show you how to combine our wall decorations into impressive designs to present your memories in the best possible way in your home. Find your inspiration here!


For every occasion

Unique gift ideas and inspirations

Find the right gift for every occasion – an easy task with ifolor! Be it Christmas, a Wedding, Easter, sporting events, New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Baby & Birth, Birthdays, Travelling, den an Annual Review, Thank You or even Pet Day handelt here, you’ll find ideas and inspiration for each and every event.

Frequently asked questions about wall decorations

At ifolor you have the choice between a wide variety of wall decorations. Each decoration comes with its own materials on which your photos are printed using modern processes. The colour and picture quality is always in the centre of our attention, so that your pictures decorate your home in the richest colours and best quality. Each material has its own advantages and helps you to meet your style perfectly. For example, the HD Metal Print, where your photos are printed on a high-quality metal plate, shows your photo in the best resolution and splendid colours. With the Aluminium Dibond, your photo is printed onto an aluminium composite plate, which gives it a matt glow without any reflection. The Gallery Print combines acrylic glass and aluminium and a special wall bracket creates the impression that your picture is floating on the wall. The classical photo canvas is loved for its the well-known canvas structure, which prevents reflection and really brings out the colours of your photo. The canvas is stretched on a real wooden stretcher frame. For a modern effect, choose a photo poster with glossy paper, starring your picture. Just as frameless as a poster, but with a unique visual effect, the ifolor wall display is a fantastic option for an elegant, clean design. Your photo is placed on a frameless wooden plate, which is protected from scratches and UV radiation by a special coating.

At ifolor you have the choice between 13 different formats. There are options for small and large walls. Let your creativity run wild with formats ranging from 20×30 cm to an impressive 75×100 cm in portrait or landscape format. Square options are also available. If you choose the 40×60 cm format, you can even design your picture as a three-piece multi-panel and thus create a professional artistic effect. This option is available for all products except the HD Metal Print and the Wall Display.

For special wall decorations such as the Aluminium Dibond and the Acrylic glass plate, special mountings and assembly instructions are included in the delivery, as these only unfold their true impressiveness with these special mountings. Other products are already equipped with the appropriate suspensions or they are included in the delivery, so that you can mount your wall decoration flexibly yourself. The Wall Display has a mounting grooves in the back, which makes it easy for you to install your decoration.

You can design your wall decoration individually and creatively. You can use numerous layouts and design templates from ifolor, where you can insert as many images and text placeholders as you like. But always be careful not to overload your design with too much content so that your photos are still in the centre of attention. So whether you choose a full-surface design or a collage-style layout is entirely up to you.

The wall decorations made of acrylic glass, metal or aluminium are particularly suitable for outdoor use, as they can be wiped off easily and thus do not suffer from dust, dirt or splashes of water. However, when choosing a place to hang your decoration, you should make sure that light and rain do not fall directly on it in order to preserve the colours of your decoration. The ideal places for your wall decoration are thus covered terraces or balconies. Wooden decorations such as the photo canvas, photo poster or wall display are not suitable for outdoor use because they quickly weather and would thus not last very long.

Create high-quality wall decorations yourself with ifolor

From living to feeling good: With ifolor wall decorations you can transform any room into a unique oasis of well-being. Wall decorations with personal photos are also a convincing gift for numerous occasions. With an ifolor wall decoration you do not only show that you have thought about what to give them, but also that the person you want to give the gift to is important to you. Among the many choices of materials and formats, you’re sure to find just the right thing for your wall or the perfect gift for someone special. Numerous design templates in the form of layouts and themed designs from ifolor will actively support you in the creation of your personal wall decoration.

Convincing quality: High-quality materials and professional workmanship create impressive colour quality and spacial depth with ifolor wall decorations. Different printing methods create professional image effects. For example, UV direct printing on an aluminium composite panel (Aluminium Dibond) or on an acrylic panel (acrylic glass and gallery print) creates professional and high-quality luminosity and depth of colour. For structure, depth of colour and individual charm you can rely on the wall display, a photo poster or even a photo canvas.

The best of it all: No long waiting time! Wall decorations from ifolor can be created quickly and installed just as quickly. Your wall is decorated with your photos in breath-taking quality in an instant.

New: Now you can also design the HD Metal Print with your photos in high definition and radiant colours, or order a floater frame for your photo canvas for a particularly artistic effect in black or white.